Pulling Guard(Videos with subtitles)

Chapter 1 Pulling Guard(引き込みの方法)

Stand up techniques

Techniques for players with strong stand-up skills #1

Techniques for players with strong stand-up skills #2

Attacks against an opponent of similar skill level

Fighting an opponent with strong standup techniques #1


Chapter 2 No Grip Guard(手ぶらガード)



Chapter 3 Single Sleeve Guard(片袖ガード)



Chapter 4 Basic Move(基本動作と応用技)



Chapter5 Gripping Gi(道衣のつかみ方)



Hikikomi Techniques

Hikikomi is the name used by Judo players for pulling your opponent into newaza directly from standup without attempting a throw. It was banned under Kodokan rules after WWII and is now a technique rarely seen outside of the National University “Kosen” Judo Tournament, which still takes place every year. Hikikomi is very similar to the BJJ technique of pulling guard, but I will use the Judo term for this tutorial.